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Almond, Honey, Bathing Bar, Herbal bathing soap for dry skin

Almond & Honey Bathing Bar

₹ 40 Ex Tax: ₹ 40

Almond & Honey Bathing BarHoney is known for its incredible properties to nourish, condition and moisturize the skin.  Honey is a natural hum..

Aloe, Neem, Tulsi, Hand Wash, herbal hand wash

Aloe Neem & Tulsi Hand Wash

₹ 85 Ex Tax: ₹ 85

Aloe Neem & Tulsi Hand WashHand-washing, as we know, is one of the most important daily activity. It is a simple hygiene step&..

Anemia Care, Ayurvedic treatment for Anaemia, Herbal Cure for Anaemia

Anemia Care

₹ 1,840 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,840

Anemia Care Being one of the most common ailments, anemia especially affects women around the world. Anemia is regarded as a condition which is a res..

Aquacool Herbal Toothpaste

Aquacool Herbal Toothpaste

₹ 70 Ex Tax: ₹ 70

Aquacool Herbal Toothpaste Aqua cool paste is an innovative and distinctive herbal formula that helps protect your teeth. Tooth paste formulated by ..

Aquacool, Herbal, Toothpaste, Promotional, Offer

Aquacool Herbal Toothpaste Promotional O...

₹ 140 Ex Tax: ₹ 140

Aquacool Herbal ToothpasteAqua cool paste is an innovative and distinctive herbal formula that helps protect your teeth. Tooth paste formulated b..

Arogyavardhini Vati, Ayurvedic Treatment for Hepatitis A B and C, Herbal Medicine for Inflammation

Arogyavardhini Vati

₹ 140 Ex Tax: ₹ 140

Arogyavardhini Vati Arogyavardhini Vati is an Ayurvedic supplement which is known to improve your overall health and keeps the person safe from n num..

Asthma Care, herbal medicine for asthma, Ayurvedic treatment asthma

Asthma Care

₹ 2,049 Ex Tax: ₹ 2,049

Asthma Care Yoga can help treat asthma, it no longer is a myth, yes, it does truly exist. Yoga and breathing go alongside, and if there’s any ailmen..

Canso Care, Cancer Care, Ayurvedic medicine for Cancer, Herbal treatment for cancer

Canso Care

₹ 300 Ex Tax: ₹ 300

Canso Care Cancer is an accumulation of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth and spreads or invades to various other parts of the body. Cancer..

Deaddicto Power, Herbal medicine for addiction

Deaddicto Power

₹ 199 Ex Tax: ₹ 199

Deaddicto Power Stoutness and related lifestyle diseases have made addiction prevalent stress for mankind. From youth to fairly aged individuals, dep..

Herbal Antibiotic

Herbal Antibiotic

₹ 120 Ex Tax: ₹ 120

Herbal Antibiotic The word antibiotic has originated comes from Greek, where in Greek, ‘anti’ means ‘against’ and bios means ‘life’. Antibiotics are ..

Herbal Ear Drops

Herbal Ear Drops

₹ 60 Ex Tax: ₹ 60

Ear Herbal Ear drops Ear infection is typically a result of a viral or bacterial infection that affects the middle ear. It can be painful can be acut..

Herbal Eye Drops

Herbal Eye Drops

₹ 50 Ex Tax: ₹ 50

Eye pain that’s throbbing, stabbing, gritty, burning, aching and sharp can be quite painful. Eye pain has two forms: orbital pain or ocular pain. Some..

Herbal Kwath Syrup

Herbal Kwath Syrup

₹ 150 Ex Tax: ₹ 150

GuruPrasadam Herbal Kwath Syrup is helpful to get rid of multiple diseases like Asthma, Detox, Blood Purifier, Cough and more. Your blood is responsib..

Karela Capsules Karela Capsules

Karela Capsules, Herbal medicine for diabetes

Karela Capsules

₹ 135 Ex Tax: ₹ 135

Karela CapsulesIt is a unique herb in Ayurveda which is highly recommended for diabetes management. karela contains plant-insulin ..

Rollon, Herbal, Pain Relief Oil

Rollon Herbal Pain Relief Oil

₹ 150 Ex Tax: ₹ 150

Rollon Herbal Pain Relief OilGuruprasadam's Rollon Herbal Pain Relief Provides instant relief from all types of pains, such as sore muscles ..

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